Living Surface

“Living Surface” is an interactive installation using canvas, wood, magnets, projector, video camera, computer, and programs.
Size: 100×100×5cm 2004

Collaborator: Yoko Fukuda, Hiroki Sayama, Hideki Koike (The Univ. of Electro-Communications

“Living Surface” is Sachiko Kodama’s interactive artwork in which computer graphics are projected onto a square campus. The principle of complex CG patterns that are generated and disappear in “Living Surface” are based on Hiroki Sayama’s “Evoloop,” an artificial life model developed as a successor to Chris Langton’s loop. Black figures are placed on a white square canvas, and the viewer can change their positions freely by hand. When the viewer moves a figure, colorful abstract computer graphics are generated, which change in real time as a result of new creations, annihilation, self-reproduction, and evolution caused by the collision of individual artificial life forms.